About St. George Budapest Bridge Club

St George Budapest Bridge Club started around 1960 with four players arranging with the manager of the St George Budapest Soccer Club (formerly in Victoria St Mortdale) to play a regular game on the soccer club premises. These players moved back to Western Suburbs Bridge Club but the game continued. The Club grew considerably with a number of players from the Roselands Bridge Club moving over in the late 70s.
It moved down Victoria Street to the OES hall at No.117 in 1989 and again, in 2012, to Southside Bridge Centre, and most recently to its current venue at Oatley RSL and Community Club at 23 Letitia Street, Oatley. It continues to thrive there with over 100 regular members.
Sessions at the new venue are slightly changed from previously, namely on Tuesday nights, Wednesday afternoons and Saturday afternoons. The venue is ~5 minutes walk from Oatley Station. All sessions use pre-dealt boards and electronic scoring (Bridgemate) technology.
Players at our sessions have the facilities of Oatley RSL and Community Club at their disposal. The St George Budapest Bridge Club is a very friendly place and welcomes visitors to all of its sessions (table money for members is $8, and for visitors $10).
A map showing our location is given below:

How to find Oatley RSL